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    “Some will say it’s expensive, and they can do it themselves. There’s no doubt it’s expensive, but you are worth it. Think about it – how expensive could mistakes turn out to be?!”

    It really pays off to hire an interior designer to manage and supervise the reconstruction and furnishing of your space. Not only do we aesthetically and functionally refine your space using our knowledge, experience, and vision, but we also save you precious time. How many times did you have to return a sofa that turned out to be too big for your apartment? Have you ever bought wall paint that made your space seem anything but beautiful? Have you crammed your space with pieces that were just too bulky? We make sure to work out the entire concept in time. We take into account the layout, installations, lighting, colors, furniture size, and then we give it all a finishing touch. The decor. You know what to expect even before you step a foot in your new home. We also collect quotes from suppliers, facilitate discounts for you when you purchase from our furnishing partners, keep in contact with the suppliers and delivery services, we coordinate on-site contractors and, most importantly, spare you any worries or stress.

    From the initial idea and vision to making them a reality – we can be by your side every step of the way. It is up to you to decide when you need our assistance.