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International Property Awards


Lana Banely Design studio returns from London with three priceless awards.

IPA Awards



“I am extremely proud of these awards, which are a testament to our dedication, vision, and authenticity. This is only the beginning, and I am confident that the future holds many more beautiful things and interiors that are waiting for us to breathe new life into them.”
Lana Banely

Internationally awarded interior design studio

LB Interior Design Studio

Originality is the key


From the initial idea and vision to making them a reality – we can be by your side every step of the way. The LB Interior Design Studio is here to provide you with expert advice on the possibilities of composition and technical feasibility depending on the characteristics of your space. 

Our goal is to optimize your space as much as possible and to advise you how to turn it into a sensible and functional environment, completely adapted to your lifestyle and needs.




“You are our inspiration” LB

The first, and most important step in interior design is getting to know you. You and your lifestyle are the prime source of our inspiration when designing your space. We will ask you about your vision, style, favorite colors, and budget available for the reconstruction and furnishing.  Once we accurately measure your space, we will create digital architectural drawings and offer you the best floor plan options for the layout of the furniture. And, of course, our creative vision would be incomplete without the mood board.



“Our mission is to create personalized spaces full of character and heart.” LB

Having finalized the conceptual design, keeping in mind your wishes and staying true to our professional principles and experience, we step into the dimension of our creative process and design a personalized space full of character and heart. We create a 3D visual, a view of the space using high quality renders which will enable you to see exactly what your space will look like, virtually dispelling any possible doubts.


PROJECT DESIGN of construction works and custom furniture

Our experts are at your disposal, ready to draw up the designs for suspended ceilings, detailed plans for lighting fixtures and switches, outlets, wall and floor coverings, and provide you with everything necessary for carrying out the construction and architectural works. It is up to you to decide whether you will use your existing furniture or treat yourself to some custom pieces. We draw up detailed designs for custom-made furniture, making sure to transform every centimeter into a functional surface, and to use colors and materials matching your vision and wishes.



Our cooperation can continue even after we provide you with all the documents you need to carry out all the construction and furnishing works in your space. We can take over all communication with your contractors or our own, and we make sure to visit the site while the works are ongoing so as to ensure everything is going according to plan, and we keep you notified every step of the way. We coordinate the works, furniture deliveries, making sure it arrives undamaged, oversee the assembly, and ensure everything is done according to the conceptual design.

…don’t forget…


Lana Banely

Within a very short period, the Lana Banely Studio has climbed to the very top of the ladder when it comes to interior design, and I am very honoured when our clients praise our design at our meetings. As an interior design studio, we have won international awards, which serves as further proof of quality for our work and vision. And we are only just getting started… I am very proud of our wonderful finished projects, as well as of my team and our relationships with our clients, as our communication with them is excellent and always keeps them coming back. I have set the bar very high from the get go – I knew what my goal and my vision were. We work exclusively on projects where we can make decisions at the very planning level regarding the future design of the structure, and where we can influence every segment of the space – from lighting and how it is controlled, to the microlocation of water fixtures, as well as bespoke furniture pieces – we want it all to have our signature.

Authenticity is the main idea behind all our projects. Every single one of our clients has their own authentic story, and we believe the same needs to be true of the spaces we are creating for them.

No job can be successful without trust. Trust between the designer and the investor. When I meet with clients, I want them to be aware from the very start what they can expect from our design. A space with maximum functionality combined with impeccable aesthetics. It is crucial to listen to the wants and needs of the client, and implement them into our vision and idea of the space.

What makes us unique is the fact that we truly approach every space having in mind its authenticity. Every space we design needs to reflect its owner, and this is why every single wall receives our full attention. Our designs never repeat themselves, but our signature is always obvious. We have our own style and vision, and we insist on turning every space into a masterpiece, regardless of its size. All our projects are high-end and luxurious, which is what our investors expect from us, and why they are prepared to make significant investments into the design of their living space.



If it was so,
it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, working in the field of designing residential buildings and interior design for 7 years. Architecture, music, film, food and travel are always an option.


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Creative, workaholic, true team worker and passionate about his work. “Designing and interior designing is not just my job, it's a lifestyle. Something I wake up to and lie down on a daily basis and find inspiration all around. ” If he is not teaching, drawing and planning, he enjoys volunteering and sports.